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Frequently asked questions

What is the IIEWS ?
IIEWS started functioning informally from the late 1999. The organization has been established on 6 October 2001 under the society registration act 21, 1860 registration no 724. IIEWS with an idea of doing its bit for the economically poor and needy sick people and students. A small sappling has become a big tree with growing branches, because of the hard work, devotion and donations of kind hearted peoples.

What is the mission of the IIEWS ?
To empower the community, restore their self-confidence and promote a healthy living environment with people having respect for each other especially for SC/ST, OBC communities, Rural BPL, Poor & female masses.

Where does the IIEWS Work ?
Mainly IIEWS Focus on those areas where the rate of the literacy and health is below of the mark line.like slums area, socially deprived child.

What are the main areas of work of the IIEWS?
We focus on integrated responses to different kinds of diseases and education problems in the slum areas that stops to spread the diseases prevention, care and treatment, and support to children and others affected by the epidemic. We also emphasise work with those who are hardest, but vital, to reach – people from marginalised groups who are most vulnerable to and affected by diffrent kinds of diseases.

How can I contact the IIEWS ?
You can send an email to various parts of the organisation through our online contact form.

How can I work for the IIEWS ?
All job vacancies are posted on this website. You can also read our equal opportunities policy.
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