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Staff and Structure

IIEWS have a well qualified, experienced and dedicated staff. These are the strength of the IIEWS, because the staff makes an organization successful. If staff is well educated, experienced and dedicated for its work then surely there is not any task which is not completed successfully. IIEWS always welcome such peoples who really wants to work for the welfare and development of the needy living beings.
Our employees and volunteers are our strength. Please have a look on it to see their name

1. Mr. Rajesh Painuly PGDBM Voluntary Basis
2. Ms. Ambika Raturi MCA Voluntary Basis
3. Mr. Anand Butola P.G. Voluntary Basis
4. Mr. Avneesh Sharma M.Sc., A-level Salary Based
5. Mr. Sachin Painuly P.G. Salary Based
6. Mr. Vijay Painuly P.G. Acharya Voluntary Basis
7. Mr. Rakesh Thapliyal P.G. Voluntary Basis
8. Mr. Dinesh Nakoti PGDCA Salary Based
9. Mr. L.R. Painuly Graduation, D.pharma Voluntary Basis
10. Mr. Govind Bijalwan M.Sc.(CS) Voluntary Basis
11. Mr. R.P.Gairola B.E. 250 Per Lecture
12. Mr. Vipin Saklani B.Tech, M.Tech 250 Per Lecture
13. Mr. Rajendra Prasad Acharya Voluntary Basis
14. Mr. Shivendra Vyas B.Sc. (IT) Voluntary Basis
15. Dr. S.N.Raturi BHMS (Lucknow), Voluntary Basis
16. Mr. Susheel Bijlwan M.Sc., B.Ed. Voluntary Basis
17. Mrs. Rajeshwari M.Sc., B.Ed. Voluntary Basis
18. Mrs. Rajani Maithani M.Sc., B.Ed. Voluntary Basis
19. Miss Amrita Raturi Polytechnic(Architect) Voluntary Basis
20. Mr. Sandeep Topwal PGDCA Salary Based
21. Mr. Sovindra Singh Rana Graduation Voluntary Basis
22. Mr. Devendra Pratap Singh L.L.B. Voluntary Basis
23. Mr. Sushil Nautiyal P.G. Voluntary Basis
24. Mrs. Kavita Butola P.G. Voluntary Basis
25. Mr. Ramzan Khan Graduation Voluntary Basis
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