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Who We Are

Info International Educational and welfare society is a well established non- government organization founded in the year 1999- 2000. IIEWS got registered in the year 2001 under society registration Act 21, 1860. From its establishment the organization is working for the development of rural and urban people in various fields such as Edcucation, Agriculture, medicinal Plants cultivation, vermicomposting, Computer Education etc.

At the time of foundation of the society, it is cleared that the organization works for rural, poor and socially deprived people and make them strong and self dependent to improve their life style and living standard by providing them modern education and also familiarize them with the modern techniques of farming such as agro-culture farming, medicinal plants cultivation, organic farming and so many others. IIEWS continuously working for providing computer education to the rural peoples and equip them with the skills necessary to become self dependent and to earn livelihood through good knowledge of computer and Information Technology. The organization provided numbers of students of the SC, ST and OBC`s community the financial aid in the form of cash scholarship, incentives, free computer training and diploma. The organization felt that the enlistment of the SC, ST & OBCs community is the guarantee of development of the country.

After doing a vast survey and getting experiences of living and livelihood in the hilly region of Uttarakhand, the organization make its first and foremost issue - “ To generate livelihood alternatives followed by Economic development and empowerment” for all the villagers of the state who are willing to improve their living standard and still wants to be in their native places. It is God’s blessing for all those peoples that many NGOs are working in different fields and in different ways to generate economy for this state. But still this is not sufficient for covering all the hilly region of the Garhwal due to it worst and very difficult geographical topology. This required much more work done by govt. and also by the NGOs to work more in this region and makes the people self dependent and make their life somewhat easy and generate reliable sources of income generation for them.

To provide the computer education to the rural peoples IIEWS organization established many IT centers in the different places of Uttarakhand and collaborate with the existing institutions to provide the computer education at free of cost to the poor youth of their region. The same time the organization notices a very harassing phase of this literacy in the form of immigration. Approximately all the youth of this generation are not willing to live in the hilly region of the state, because of the less than desirable sources of income. So the organization decided also to provide and motivate the youth towards those sources of income which are money generating and which can prevent them from immigration. The organization continuously working for it and it founds that in the hilly region of the Garhwal the traditional farming with latest scientific approach is successfully maintained and this is also very productive in increasing economic condition of the peoples. Medicinal plant cultivation also open the door of opportunities for the farmers of the state and generate lots of income for them.

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